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GTAW Welding for Thin Workpieces

If you're in need of welding thin pieces of materials, then Wicked Welding of Dayton, OH, is the right choice. We work with you to understand your requirements and give you the perfection that you crave for.


GTAW welding is applied in lots of industries and has made a remarkable impact in delivering the quality that is required by many established companies. Your material will get the right shape that you need.

High-quality welds delivered to you

We have a set of skilled operators who can deliver exceptional quality welds. You can expect great quality and workmanship from the welding, when it is performed by a skilled operator.

We understand your requirements completely before proceeding with the job. That's why we deliver impeccable precision welds every time.

Right equipment for that precision weld

Your materials will get that high-quality precision weld because we have all the right tools and equipment that are needed for a perfect weld. So, stay stress-free and come to us with your requirement.

You can get amazing welding services from our trained professionals.

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