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Laser Welding for That Perfect Shape

If you're looking for that perfect shape with precision welding, you can come to Wicked Welding of Dayton, OH for quality work.


Nowadays, it has become a norm everywhere to use laser welding for getting that perfect shape. In addition, it doesn't require any tooling replacement due to wear and tear, and the stress on weld pieces is low.

Advantages of laser welding

  • Seam quality

  • Non-contact welding

  • Cleaner processes

  • Precision

  • Speed

  • Cost

Our focus is on providing ultimate customer satisfaction, which in turn will transform them in to our loyal patrons.

Various laser welding methods

  • Deep penetration welding

  • Heat conducting welding

  • Transmissive welding

  • Transparent laser plastic welding

You can get exceptional laser welding services from a locally-owned business that strives hard to meet your needs.

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