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Microscopic Welding for Reduced Risk of Cracking

You can bring all your materials to Wicked Welding of Dayton, OH, for exceptional quality welds. We use microwelding technology that will significantly reduce the risk of cracking in the "heat affected zone".


Also, the materials will have less distortion, which gives you the exact shape that you preferred.

GTAW for microwelding

We use GTAW for microwelding which has several benefits over the conventional welding techniques. It will help you to get that perfect shape for your materials.

You can get awesome welding services for your materials. We serve for all industries and strive hard to meet your requirements.

More control on your welding

You will get greater control on the welding process because it is done manually. Also, our skilled operator will give it a shape that you need. Rely on us for exceptionally strong and long lasting welds.

Exceptional quality welding services for you that not only delivers according to your needs, but is also precise and strong.

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